Chefs creative specials

Cream Cheese Tempura Prawn | 4pcs

Deep Fried Temura & Cream Cheese wrapped in Rice & Nori, Topped with Streamed Prawn, Avo, Kewpie Mayo and Caviar

Rock Shrimp Prawn Rolls | 4pcs

Steamed Prawn, Avo & Cucumber wrapped in Rice & Nori, topped with deep fried Rock Shrimp drizzled with Sweet Chili Mayo

Sunday Morning Rolls | 4pcs

Deep Fried Salmon & Cream Cheese Rolls, drizzled with Spicy Mayo & Teriyaki Sauce

Tempura Prawns | 4pcs

Tempura Fried Prawn, Avo & Cucumber wrapped in Rice

Tempura Crunch Roll | 4pcs

Salmon and Avo wrapped in Rice and Deep Fried topped with Sweet Chili Mayo and Teriyaki

Salmon Roses | 3pcs

Rice wrapped in Salmon and Avo, topped with Kewpie Mayo and Caviar

Bamboo Roll | 3pcs

Salmon & Avo wrapped in rice with Cucumber

The Brewery Roll | 4pcs

Salmon & Avo wrapped in Rice and Seaweed, topped with Spicy Salmon and Teriyaki Sauce

Rock Tuna | 4pcs

Avo wrapped in Rice & Seaweed topped wih chopped, spiced Tuna


Brewery Platter | 24pcs

4 Salmon Nigiri, 4 Salmon Fashion Sandwich, 4 Rainbow Roll, 4 Salmon Roses, 4 Salmon Califonia Rolls, 4 Salmon Sashimi

Vegetarian Platter | 12pcs

4 Vegetarion Fashion Sandwhich, 8 Vegetarion Rainbow Rolls

Rainbow Platter | 19pcs

4 Salmon Rolls,  4 Salmon California Rolls, 3 Salmon Roses, 8 Salmon Maki

Prawn Platter | 17pcs

Tempura Prawn Handroll,  8 Prawn California Rolls,  4 Prawn Maki, 4 Fashion Sandwich

Crunch Platter | 12pcs

10 Crunch Rolls, 2 Tempura Prawn

Sashimi  Tuna | 4pcs

Tuna l Spicy Seared Tuna

Sashimi  Salmon| 4pcs

Salmon l Spicy Seared Salmon

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